Silver Rescue Cream


Silver Rescue Cream harnesses the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of full-spectrum CBD (Cannabis Sativa Leaf extract) and the vital power of Colloidal Silver, known for its anti-microbial and healing properties. Working together they help reduce redness, inflammation, and scarring while improving skin barrier function and relieving the signs of skin stress. This unique cream helps calm and revive skin with an extraordinary blend of protective medicinal plants (Resurrection plant and Devil’s Claw), rich in glycosides, Phytosterols, Flavonoids, Trehalose sugar, polysaccharides and arbutin which aid skin regeneration and rapid hydration, resulting in minimal trans epidermal water loss. Highly concentrated moisturizing ingredients like the Baobab fruit, Vitamin E, Squalane, Marula Oil, Rosehip and Marigold extract help protect the skin and reduce skin reactivity and redness.

Their soothing, restructuring and lipid-restoring properties strengthen the skin, improving its quality and reducing sensitivity. Formulated for sensitive skin and all skin types temporarily irritated by modern environmental conditions including pollution, stress, extreme weather patterns and non-invasive procedures. Free from essential oils, fragrance, parabens, silicones and mineral oil.

 Solution For: 

• Sensitive and reactive skin

• Inflammation and visible redness

• Dryness and dehydration

• Scars and blemishes

• Uneven texture

• Therapeutic for acne-prone skin

How to apply: Apply morning and evening after cleansing to the face, neck and decolletage in upward smoothing movements, starting at decolletage and working up. As a primer smooth a thin layer evenly over clean skin before makeup application. Silver Rescue Cream has been designed to bring comfort when applied on its own. However, for skin in need of added nourishment, apply a few drops of Pure Marula or Neroli infused Marula Oil

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