Notes on Dewy Skin

As a society we are obsessed with clear, dewy skin. This idea of having dewy skin has inspired many trends in K-beauty such as glass skin, honey skin, cloudless skin etc. The newest trend in K-beauty being “Cream Skin”. While all these trends have different approaches, the end result is the same: dewy skin. We all want an ultra-glowing face no matter how many face oils, essences, exfoliator, etc it takes to get there. 

Here we have outlined our philosophy on how to get that “Dewy Skin” or should we say “Glasskin”:

  1. Triple Cleanse: So you are double cleansing? Great! Take it a step further and triple cleanse. We believe in triple cleansing due to its restorative benefits while deeply cleansing your skin. You can mix and match your cleansers. The best combination is to start with an oil cleanser such as Cosmedix’s Purity Solution. This nourishing deep cleansing oil helps to remove makeup, dead skin, and impurities. Follow with a second cleanse using a more potent cleansing oil such as the living libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn with bioactive botanical compounds to reset and balance the skin. Lastly, finish with a gel or foam cleanser such as Cosmedix Purity Clean or Sorella Apothecary Lychee Willow Bark to remove all the oils.  

  2. Essence or Hydrosols: Pure plant hydrosols are nature’s antioxidants in protecting the skin from free radicals and pollution while restoring skin’s ph balance. Spritz generously so your skin is drenched in hydration. 

  3. Exfoliate: Use a physical,chemical, or enzyme exfoliant 2X a week to resurface the skin of dead skin cells and improve cell turnover.   

  4. Serum: Use targeted actives to help correct a skin concern or use an antioxidant serum for dull, dehydrated skin. We love Cosmedix’s Affirm for an antioxidant boost.

  5. Face Oil: Use a Face oil to fortify and protect the skin’s natural barrier. We love our Ytsara’s Dewy Skin Oil or Living Libations Rose Glow Serum. 

  6. Moisturize: Hydrate! Hydrate! Dewy Skin is all about that extra moisture. Every skin type needs a product that helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. 

  7. Sunscreen: Protect the skin from UV rays which is the number one cause of aging skin. Try PROTECT UV from Cosmedix for a spray form of UV protection. 

Take it up a Notch:

  1. Use Face Tools: Daily massaging with a face tool such as a face roller or Gua Sha is a great way to tighten face muscles and stimulate blood flow.

  2. Get regular facials AKA skin workouts: regular skin workouts work to boost circulation, improve skin texture, and revitalize skin. Facials are like personal training for your skin. 

  3. Lifestyle: while you can be doing all the right things but if you are not taking care of your internal health then this reflects on your skin. Be kind to your skin: get 8 hours of sleep, go to bed early, exercise, eat healthy, decrease stress, and laugh a lot. Internal happiness reflects on your skin. 

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